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Large budget set aside by major healthcare provider for vitamin D research

Posted on: September 5, 2014   by  Vitamin D Council


Virtual PICU Systems, VPS, is a large healthcare provider that consists of 9 hospitals and over 5,000 employees dedicated to promoting health in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Due to its large network of healthcare, VPS is able to have one of the largest databases with detailed records for various patients with different conditions and treatments. This puts VPS at a position to not only provide healthcare, but to improve it as well.

VPS has recently announced a one million dollar budget dedicated to a new research and development center. They have outlined a plan for their Research Centre of Excellence with the intent to expand knowledge on chronic diseases and to provide innovative treatments for various illnesses.

The Research Centre of Excellence will allow VPS to utilize some of the most advanced technology in hopes of evolving medicine.

The research center will initially focus on vitamin D. They will research the causes and consequences of vitamin D deficiency.

The center expects to conduct research which will support new guidelines for vitamin D supplementation and fortification, while also evaluating the efficacy of treatment with vitamin D for different conditions.

The research and development will be led by Dr. Afrozul Haq. Dr. Haq is a well-known expert on vitamin D research and was one of the first to begin researching vitamin D in the UAE.

“Our research will explore the link between bone health in children, maternal vitamin D concentrations and diseases of the newborn,” stated Dr. Haq.

“Also [the] impact of vitamin D deficiency on chronic kidney disease patients requiring dialysis.”

The Research Centre of Excellence plans to collaborate with many universities in the UAE and other international partners to accomplish their goal of advancing medicine.

In the past, the Middle East has not invested much towards research and development. VPS is abruptly changing this pattern with the hope that the research will stimulate the regional economy, while improving the welfare of all populations.


VPS Healthcare Announces $ 1 Million budget for R&D. Zawya, 2014.

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