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Is sun avoidance as dangerous as smoking?

Posted on: September 28, 2016   by  Vitamin D Council


Dr. Reinhold Vieth, a leading researcher in the field of vitamin D, recently provided much needed clarity on the mass confusion and fear revolving around sun exposure.

Dr. Vieth reviewed a study conducted by Dr. Lindqvist and colleagues that began in 1990, observing the sun-exposure and lifestyle habits of nearly 30,000 Swedish women over a span of 20 years. The researchers aimed to determine if a relationship exists between sun exposure and multiple melanoma.

Surprisingly, the researchers observed no differences in all cause mortality or cutaneous malignant melanoma (MM) mortality between those who exposed themselves to the sun and those who avoided the sun. Additionally, those who avoided the sun experienced a shorter life expectancy (0.6 – 2.1 years shorter life expectancy) as they were at a higher risk of death from heart disease and stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and pulmonary disease. When comparing smokers who sun bathed to non-smokers who avoided the sun, the researchers found that the women had an equal risk of mortality.

The researchers concluded,

Avoiding sun increased risk of dying by the same amount as smoking did.

 For a deeper look into Dr. Vieth’s insights on vitamin D and safe, sensible sun exposure, click here.

2 Responses to Is sun avoidance as dangerous as smoking?

  1. [email protected]

    Vitamin D automatically activated in our cells turns 3,000 genes off or on to optimize our health. I had two very serious autoimmune reactions when I moved to less sunny Oregon from Los Angeles which caused boils (Bullous Pemphigoid) over all parts of my body and face. A Google search showed no cure and certain death from infections. One failed use of vitamin D3 to treat Psoriasis worked for a short time. I reasoned that higher levels of vitamin D3 may possibly cure my autoimmune disease. I started at 2,000 IU after discussing with my doctor and eventually went up to over 10,000 IU when I switched to a vegetarian diet with Yogurt, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Peanut Butter to provide fats. I went up gradually by 1,000 IU until both my boils and Psoriasis disappeared. Good for five years! Jim

  2. hozelda68340300

    After a heel injury, I developed worsening symptoms like irregular heartbeats on and off (usually skipped beats and usually in the mornings), breathing stoppage and stuffy nose at night, headaches at night when lying flat, bladder control problems at night, recurring sharp pains and odd sensations in my chest (heart area usually but even throat area and down arm at times as well as lung area), and some other things. After changing my diet I eventually got around to researching vitamin D and immediately recognized that might be the problem since I had been getting almost no sun for a few months (and generally little for a few years when I switched to night work), had worse symptoms after eating high fat foods and when sleeping, etc. After 10 or so early minutes (soon after taking a pill ..during the early months) where symptoms came back or get worse, I would feel much better and the symptoms would stop for a while [this counter-intuitive reaction seems to be common with people with very low vitamin d who start taking supplements]. The return of symptoms was usually related to my walking job since I would continue to stress the injured left foot. I took pills (usually 4000 or 5000 iu oily gel pills) until the symptoms would go away or in anticipation (eg, right before a long walk). Over the first year I actually reached 2 days back to back where I consumed right about 100,000 IU each day. I probably averaged around 30,000 IU/day the first 6 months. If this sounds crazy high, perhaps it is, but I was feeling better and was judging by that. I didn’t get well enough to actually skip days without any supplement until almost 3 years after I started. It’s hard to express how much better I got thanks to the golden pills although I did have to go way above the USRDA. I recognized that many symptoms I have seen in older people are probably from extra low vitamin d. As one note, if you have lupus and are told to stay entirely away from the sun, either don’t or more likely make sure you take a significant enough supplement. Chances are the lupus itself might in part be because of low vitamin d, but in any case, don’t make your body worse off by skipping on vitamin d. Side effects of too much vitamin d are increased sexual drive and deep dreaming. [don’t take while driving if you are sleepy]

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