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Welcome to the Vitamin D Council team, Rachel Namery

Posted on: May 29, 2018   by  Rachel Namery


My name is Rachel Namery, and I am the newly appointed Program Manager at the Vitamin D Council. Growing up as an athlete and having an eating disorder at a young age, I was eager to learn more about health and wellness. I realized what I was doing to my body was not in any way healthy and decided to start researching nutrition and ways to heal my body and mind. I fell in love with the field of nutrition through this hardship because it allowed me to dive deep into the world of health and preventative/functional medicine. I knew that the combination of what I went through as a teen and the self education years after was the impetus for helping others. 

Prior to college, I began researching all about health and nutrition, and I fell in love with research. That led me to pursue my MS in Nutrition and Food Science at Montclair State University in 2015. I then began my career in the health field as a nutritionist, counseling and educating clients of all kinds on nutrition and behavior modification.

As a nutritionist, I felt strongly about my clients’ vitamin D supplementation habits because of how imperative it is for overall health. I was drawn to the Vitamin D Council because of how passionate I am about educating the public on the importance of vitamin D status. Not only have I seen what this amazing vitamin can do for my clients, but it has also vastly improved my own health after being deficient.

Now I can help coach people take back their health through the Vitamin D Council’s platform. Specifically, I will be contributing to the blog section, writing newsletters, answering questions that viewers ask and supporting the VDC’s fundraising and public outreach efforts. I am grateful to be part of such a great team of professionals and educators.

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