Review: High doses vitamin D decreases risk of fracture in older adults

09 July 2012

A meta-analysis published in The New England Journal of Medicine reports that higher doses of vitamin D do in fact decrease the risk of fracture in older adults.

Link between Vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and bone mineral density

05 July 2012

Researchers from the Catholic University of Korea recently report on the connection between vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and bone mineral density in elderly Koreans.

Study: New insight into vitamin D, calcium relationship

03 July 2012

Research presented last week at the 94th Annual Endocrine Society meeting shows that vitamin D supplementation therapy is safe for patients with high serum calcium levels.

Undertreatment of osteoporosis in Western Australia

02 July 2012

Researchers of the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia report that undertreatment of osteoporosis is common in patients living in rural communities in comparison with metropolitan dwellers.

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