New study: Rickets in refugee children

16 April 2012

New study shows refugee children in Australia are more likely to suffer from rickets caused by vitamin D deficiency.

Does vitamin D improve academic performance in children?

12 April 2012

New research suggests that 25(OH)D levels are not associated with increased academic outcomes in children.

Vitamin D may reduce breast cancer in African-American women

09 April 2012

A recent case controlled study by Song Yoa, PhD, and colleagues investigates why African American women tend to have a more aggressive form of breast cancer than those of European Ancestry.

Vitamin D supplementation reduces levels of Ki67 in prostate cancer cells

02 April 2012

High oral doses of vitamin D raises levels of calcitriol and lowers prostate levels of Ki67, a protein which indicates prostate cancer cell growth.

Yogurt drink decreases inflammatory markers in patients with type 2 diabetes

02 April 2012

Researchers found a yogurt drink fortified with vitamin D significantly reduced inflammatory markers in patients with type 2 diabetes.

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