Ultraviolet Rays Believed to Prevent Chickenpox Spreading

16 December 2011

Ultraviolet rays help prevent the spread of chickenpox, meaning people in milder climates are more at risk of catching the disease, according to new research. The discovery could lead to new ways of preventing chickenpox and its more severe relative, shingles.

Vitamin D Level Linked to Breast Tumor Size

13 December 2011

Women who have higher levels of vitamin D when they're diagnosed with breast cancer appear to have smaller tumors, researchers said.

New study finds that vitamin D may help in treatment of pediatric bone cancer

13 December 2011

In cell culture, nutrient turns malignant bone into normal bone.

Rare gene links vitamin D and multiple sclerosis

08 December 2011

A rare genetic variant which causes reduced levels of vitamin D appears to be directly linked to multiple sclerosis, says an Oxford University study.

Low vitamin D levels linked to type 2 diabetes in obese kids

06 December 2011

Children with lower levels of vitamin D had higher degrees of insulin resistance.

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Heart Disease and Death, Study Finds

02 December 2011

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to heart disease and death, but the risk is more than halved when they are given supplements, according to a large new study.

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