Researchers find vitamin D protects against liver diseases

17 January 2012

Two Israeli research teams have separately become the first to discover two different benefits from vitamin D against common liver diseases - hepatitis C and cirrhosis.

Boosting vitamin D levels could prevent eyesight from deteriorating

16 January 2012

Boosting vitamin D intake could help prevent deteriorating eyesight and blindness in older people, it is claimed.

Vitamin D supplementation may reduce COPD flare-ups in people with severely low levels

16 January 2012

Much hope has been pinned on vitamin D to cure, prevent, or treat a host of diseases, including the lung disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

NIH study shows vitamin D may improve bone health in those taking anti-HIV drug

13 January 2012

A National Institutes of Health (NIH) network study results of adolescents with HIV shows that vitamin D may help prevent hormonal changes that can lead to bone loss among those being treated for HIV with the drug tenofovir.

Climate Tied to Inflammatory Bowel Disease Risk

12 January 2012

Living in a sunny climate appears to reduce women's risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease, a large new study shows.

New study: vitamin D again shown to boost testosterone levels

11 January 2012

A new study released recently in the journal Clinical Endocrinology suggests that maintaining a high level of serum vitamin D may increase the level of testosterone, the major male sexual hormone.

Vitamin D lack linked to depression

09 January 2012

Higher vitamin D levels are linked with a significantly decreased risk of depression, especially among those with a history of depression, U.S. researchers say.

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