Peridontal diseaseTreatment

Those with Periodontal disease (PD) should take measures to raise their serum 25(OH)D concentrations to between 30-60 ng/mL through a combination of UVB irradiance [without sunburn] and oral intake of supplements.

There is a large body of literature suggesting that many diseases are linked to PD such as cancer1 2, cardiovascular disease3 4 5, diabetes6, and pneumonia7. Thus, it has been suggested that treating PD through conventional approaches, such as oral hygiene, could reduce the risk of the other diseases8.

In their review paper, Grant and Boucher9 make the case that the link between PD and most other diseases may be explained, at least in part, by low vitamin D status in those with PD since the other diseases associated with PD are also, to variable extents,  vitamin D-deficiency diseases10.

Page last edited: 04 May 2011


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