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GrassrootsHealth webinar series: Vitamin D and autism

Posted on: May 28, 2013   by  John Cannell, MD


Last month I gave an online presentation on the link between autism and vitamin D, where evidence currently stands and a look at future directions. This was part of GrassrootsHealth series and can be watched in its entirety:

Some have emailed asking for the PowerPoint presentation, so that they can read the slides themselves. You can download it here:

Cannell JJ. Vitamin D and Autism: A look at the evidence that links the two. April, 2013

It was an honor to give the presentation and I hope you enjoy.

5 Responses to GrassrootsHealth webinar series: Vitamin D and autism

  1. Rita and Misty
  2. [email protected]

    PDF version of the slides (for those without PowerPoint Viewers) is at
    along with comments on the excellent presentation, and an interesting
    answer to question #30 about taking too much vitamin D

  3. IAW

    To: hlahore
    I did review Dr. C’s link to the “slides” but had not watched the webinar and did not know that it continued with questions and answers. Thanks for pointing out question #30 and the answer!!!

  4. Mark Haymond

    Rita and Misty, the link to the paper in your comment doesn’t work. Try it again.

  5. Rita and Misty

    @Mark Haymond,

    It’s opening for me…but I am on an institutional server…perhaps it requires a paid subscription…

    That particular article by Dr. Cannell is one of my favorite articles, and it is worth a read.

    Anyone who is interested in the article, please email me at my personal email account: [email protected].

    I will send you an adobe version.

    Rita (and Misty)

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