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What to do or look for when supplementation doesn't raise Vitamin D levels? I'm 52, in relatively perfect health, eat better than 99% of Americans, 5'9" 155lbs, don't exercise much except for a 2-3 mile run 2-3 times a week but am outdoors every day in the summer for at least an hour. No other supplementation or drugs save for a chewable magnesium/calcium/D3 occasionally. In June I tested 21 ng/ML so I started a 1K IU to 5K IU daily regimen. Total weekly supplementation was about 12K IU for the past 36 weeks. This week I retested and the results were only 23.5 ng/ML. Of course it is winter but I expected a much higher number. I also had a complete blood workup done and no other levels were out of range. Any ideas what could be the issue? What should I be looking for as the cause? Should I increase the dosage of D3 supplementation? IF so, approx. how much? As a note I went "off" supplementation for three days before this latest D3 test to try and get a solid number. Not sure if that made any difference.

Asked by  hornagain35758400 on March 12, 2015

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    See title

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    You are just not taking enough Vitamin D. You will need a minimum of 5000 iu a day. (You may need even more to reach the 50ng/ml that we recommend.) Do not stop the supplementation for the test. If you do not take it the day of the test, I do not think it will matter. That was not the issue though, you really need to take more. I would try and bump up your magnesium intake but not calcium.
    I do not know what latitude you live at, how dark your skin color is, how much skin you are exposing, what time of day it is because all are factors in how long you need to stay out in the sun to get enough Vitamin D. I would not stop supplementing during the summer. Maybe take 3000 iu plus get some sun. Only doing the tests will tell if you are getting enough.

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