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What could be causing my body's inability to sustain vit d? My celiac is under control. For past 4 years my vit D will hit 60 if on the super prescription dose of 50,000. Then, when off the prescription and on Vit D 4000 per day, my level drops to 15-22 . This has been my roller coaster ride for over the past 4 years. My calcium is normal to high. I have osteoporosis. 52 year old female, Caucasian, normal weight about 120 So far my internist, Gastro, and rheumatologist are all stumped. So they just keep giving me the prescription dose to boost me. My body cannot sustain it. What could cause this? Is there something different that I could do to get better results? Your comments are much appreciated. Kindest regards.

Asked by  EKB on November 1, 2014

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    Dear EKG
    I will first have to assume you are taking the prescription Vitamin D ONCE A WEEK since you did not specify. So if you take it once a week that is 50000 iu divided by 7 days which is 7143 iu. So when you are taking the NON prescription you are ONLY taking 4000 iu. a day which is apparently not enough for you. You need to take about 7000 iu a day. Although the Vitamin D council says 5000 iu a day it may take more than that on an individual basis to maintain a reasonable blood level amount at 50 ng/ml or over. Also remember It is much better for you to take D3 and not D2 which is what the prescription Vitamin D probably is.

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    Thank you very much. Today I met with my doctor. After 6 weeks of the prescription 50,000 IU Weekly dose, I will then take 8000 D3 IU daily for 3 months, then have my levels tested again. I forgot to mention that I have auto immune disorders (Celiac, Psoriasis, etc) Celiac is under control. I appreciate your response. I will wait another 4 months for the next series of blood tests. Your response made sense. Thanks again.

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