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This month is the fifth and last time I will be eligible for an Alendronic infusion. My readings over the past five years show that my bone denisity has improved. I recently was tested for Vit D levels prior to the infusion and again told that my Vit D levels are low. I have health problems and use Predinisoline,Methotrexate and anti inflammatories, Amitryptiline. My question is this: Why do my Vitamin D levels deplete over the year? I eat well.

Asked by  PatriciaUK1 on November 6, 2014

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    More information from you would be helpful in order to give a better response. You ask why your Vitamin D levels deplete over the year and say you eat well? No one can get enough Vitamin D from food it is impossible. Do you take any Vitamin D supplements and if so what amount do you take on a daily or weekly basis? It does not surprise me that you have health issues if you have low vitamin d levels. Please try and furnish more information!

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