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There are many brands of Vitamin D on the shelf and the price difference among the same strength is very large. Is a "plain" Vitamin D3 sold under the Walgreen's brand as good as a product 3X the cost made by another company? Nothing on the bottles leads one to believe any one product is necessarily better than another, so……????? Has anyone produced reliable testing of these products for purity, safety, stength, etc?

Asked by  getmetz93786500 on July 14, 2015

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    See title

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    Everything you said above is correct.
    Rebecca Oshiro once wrote “the supplement industry has little oversight and it’s anyone’s guess if any given bottle of vitamin D actually contains what the label says”. “For this reason it is important to purchase vitamin D (and any supplement, really) from a company that performs an assay on every batch and makes these results public”.” I highly recommend Biotech brand vitamin D for this reason.”
    I also use the Biotech brand. Other than that it would be up to you to try and research the brand you would like to take. I do remember a study once that did show they are not all “created equal”.

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