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The Vitamin D Council suggests that sun exposure without sunscreen should be the main way we get Vitamin D. It also makes the point that sun exposure may have benefits outside of its ability to give us D. However, this does not address one of the main downsides of sun exposure – aging of the skin. Can you address whether or not the amount of sun exposure you propose will age/wrinkle the skin? Thanks.

Asked by  RusticBohemian@gmail.com on January 13, 2015

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    Well here is one way to look at it. We already know that the incidence of internal cancers goes up greatly with a lack of Vitamin D.
    So do you want a few wrinkles and no cancer or no wrinkles and colon or breast cancer?
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    The two major ultraviolet rays we are exposed to are ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). UVA accounts for about 95% of the sunlight we are exposed to, while UVB accounts for about 5%.

    UVB wavelengths are the wavelengths that interact with our skin to produce vitamin D. UVA wavelengths penetrate much deeper and are mainly responsible for tanned skin.

    Now, the Vitamin D Council recommends that you only expose yourself to the sun for about half the time it takes for your skin to turn pink. For someone with light skin, this may be 20-30 minutes of midday exposure and may be up to an hour and a half for someone with darker skin. You do not need to burn or tan in order to get the daily vitamin D that you need.

    UVA wavelengths are the main contributor to skin ageing and wrinkling. In fact, many sunscreens are designed to only allow for the UVA wavelengths to penetrate the skin because they don’t burn your skin and lead to a tanned look. The ability to stay in the sun longer due to the protection from the vitamin D producing UVB rays means long-term exposure to UVA which can contribute to skin ageing and wrinkling.

    -Jeff Nicklas

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