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Starting a topical D3 cream that provides 1000 units per application so I will do this once daily. Approximately how long will it take for my D levels to increase?

Asked by  JayParish11682300 on December 2, 2015

  •  JayParish11682300 on

    See title

    Answered by  JayParish11682300 on
  •  IAW on

    There is not really any information on topical D3 creams and if they raise blood levels or not. So I really do not know. Did you get your Vitamin D level checked so you have a starting number? It is such a small amount, the 1000iu, that even if it absorbs you may not see much of a change if you retested your levels in let’s say 6-8 weeks.

    Answered by  IAW on
  •  hlahore@gmail.com on

    1,000 IU is a very small amount.
    You can see the dose/response equations from many studies at
    Some people get ZERO increase in vitamin D levels from 1,000 IU
    It appears, however, that topical vitamin D results in perhaps a 2X response over that of oral vitamin D. http://vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=5218

    Answered by  hlahore@gmail.com on

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