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Recently this article came out, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tod-cooperman-md/vitamin-d_b_8137364.html I have been taking 5000 iu a day and now I am kind of worried. Should I be?

Asked by  boaecho48647700 on September 19, 2015

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    See title

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    You should not be worried at all!
    This is why I like to come here to Dr. Cannell’s website for reliable information and I have been a member for a very long time. When the Vitamin D Council reports on these studies that are mentioned in the above article, they analyze the studies properly. They then report “why” it was either not a very properly conducted study or why the conclusions were wrong in the study. Sometimes they talk about what would have made the study better. So if the so called “doctor” in the above article were to really study “Vitamin D” and know what he was talking about, I would assume he would have a different take. He seems to be promoting that a blood level of 20ng/ml is just fine, when there are numerous studies that show anything at 32ng/ml and below significantly increases your risk for cancer. He did not mention how Vitamin D does not show up in a mother’s breast milk until a level of 40ng/ml or over is achieved.
    He did a good job of reporting on the studies that were faulty and neglected to report on the hundreds of studies that show Vitamin D as very beneficial to the human body.

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