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Note that when the natural bacteria that live in your colon "eat" some foods (such as sugars in the beans), they produce gas in their own digestion. Foods that prefer sugars are carbohydrates such as beans, Brussels sprouts, plums and just about all types of cereals, excluding rice, which seems to be the most appropriate category of starch in the worldly life. Milk and milk pectin also very popular foods bacteria. However, the actual amount of gas produced, which varies greatly from one person to another. Usually the size of absorbed food is more important than the type of food. End Contractions of the colon move known as waste (feces) in the last five centimeters of intestine and rectum called, where it is eliminated. Their mere presence of lead is very effective expulsion reflex as long as people do not do anything to spoil it. Fiber eating very little, drink a little of fluids, eat a lot of fat (fat slow intestinal transit) or simply ignored pleas to evacuate, can eventually stop reflex. (Children between five and ten years, especially boys, tend to ignore the calls). Click here ! for more info about the product ===========>>>>>> Healthy Digestion and better metabolism | http://www.musclestacks.org/ultimate-flora

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