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My vitamin D level was 110. I do not spend more than an hour a day in the sun, but do take a supplement that contains D3. I am having a difficult time finding out about HIGH levels of Vitamin D. What information do you have?

Asked by  altoslisa on October 14, 2014

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  •  Jeff Nicklas on

    It is hard to raise your levels to the range of toxicity with sun exposure, however it is possible to take too much vitamin D in the form of supplements.

    When you take too much vitamin D, leading to high levels, it can cause you to have too much calcium in your blood. This is known as hypercalcemia. Usually, vitamin D toxicity doesn’t occur until levels of around 150 ng/ml.

    We recommend that adults should try and take 5,000 IU/day and to not take more than 10,000 IU/day. Some people are more sensitive to vitamin D, meaning they may need a lower dose in order to reach healthy, natural levels.

    If you are concerned that your levels may be too high, you should have your doctor measure both your vitamin D and calcium levels and to then work to find a dose of vitamin D that is safe and effective in maintaining your levels.

    Answered by  Jeff Nicklas on
  •  reburns on

    I take one 50,000 /wk. Have levels ranging 85-90. Feel good . What are advantages of daily dosing verses once per week. Thanks Bob.

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