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My vitamin D level is 36- believe I should be taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3. How much Vit. K, magnesium and Zinc should be in this supplement? Assume I should take a brand made from "whole food" versus one made from a lab. Any suggestions on a high quality brand? Thanks!

Asked by  musiclvr56 on July 15, 2017

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    If you have not seen this already it is a very good read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It does talk about “amounts” of the co-factors you listed above. Now if you have a very good diet and think you have these covered with diet alone, then the only thing you really need is the Vitamin D. If not then any multi vitamin may not have enough magnesium in it and you may have to add a supplement of just magnesium. There is also this option https://shop.biotechpharmacal.com/products/d3plus. (Note you take two capsules of that product to equal 5000iu of Vitamin D.) Dr. Cannell said once to not take a lot of “preformed” Vitamin A and stick to the RDA. Many multi’s use preformed A. I use one of Pure Encapsulations formulas. They put more than the RDA requires. The one I use says to take 3 capsules to equal a serving. What you can do is just take one or two a day. Purity Products also has a multi without preformed A. It does contain more Vitamin D than the other one listed above.
    Now I will assume for the moment that the Vitamin D level you listed was measured as ng/ml and not nmol/l because this makes a huge difference. If you really do not take any Vitamin D then do you think your level contains some “sunshine” or maybe your diet gives you that level? The reason I ask is if you are starting with that level, then 5000iu a day will probably give you a higher blood level than 50ng/ml which is fine. So for example if it has some “sunshine” in that level and you take 5000iu your blood level will be higher in the spring/summer. If you live at a latitude in winter that does not support much Vitamin D naturally, then if you are still taking the 5000iu your blood level will go lower but still be high enough for the VDC recommendations. The other thing you can do is take less is the spring/summmer and more in the winter. My guess would be 3000iu for the spring/summer.
    So if you really do pick a multi to take and depending on how many capsules you take, would then decide how much Vitamin D you might have to add to it. So for example if you took a multi and it contains 400iu of D, it is such a small amount that I would still take another 3000-5000iu. If for example you took one that had 2000iu in it, then I would only add 1000 or 3000iu to that.
    Hope this helps!

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