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My Vitamin D level came to 18.4 nmo/L ie. 7.5 ng/ml. Now, my doc prescribed 60000 iu every alternate day for 20 days, it comes to 600000 iu for 20 days and thereafter 60000 iu to be taken once a week for 5 weeks and then get tested again after 60 days. Is it a heavy dosage or is the regime prescribed correct ?

Asked by  aliman197740479800 on December 11, 2016

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    See title

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    There is nothing wrong with the prescribed treatment, although more Vitamin D was prescribed in the beginning than what most doctors do but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
    It is very important to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.
    When you are finished with treatment you absolutely need to take a daily maintenance dosage and for an adult that is 5000iu a day. If you do not take the maintenance dosage, your levels will plummet again. A “healthy” level is 50ng/ml or 125nmol/l
    If when you take the Vitamin D, you get any new symptoms, come back and tell me right away. It usually means a mineral deficiency and most likely it will be magnesium but you will have to tell me your symptoms.

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      Thanks for your reply. I discovered the Vitamin D levels on a routine blood test. I have no other symptoms, just fatigue after some heavy physical activity.
      I had three doses on alternate days till today.
      Also i was worried about toxicity as i was feeling the dosage is high as it has short interval of one day only. Should i continue with this regime or you suggest to change the treatment plan in case of toxicity ?

      Thanks Again

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    You have a really low level, so I would keep doing what you are doing. The funny thing with Vitamin D is that if you are in a deficit situation, you really need more upfront and then less later on when you are better.
    The human body, with light colored skin, can actually make 15-20,000iu in about 15 minutes from sunshine. The “toxicity” part has been blown out of proportion. Even if you were to take too much, the answer is to stop taking any, stay out of the sunshine and wait for your levels to decrease and there is NO permanent damage.
    That maintenance dosage above is based on an average weight of 150lbs. If you weigh more you will have to take more than that.

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