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My son aged 29, 70 kg, living in southern part of India, was having a low Vitamin D of 15 ng/mL in 2015. He started taking Vitamin D3 2K tablets (1+1) and getting exposed to sun thrice a week for 10 minutes around 11 am. Vitamin D levels went up to 33 ng/mL when tested in Octber 2017. In January this year, it went upto 44 ng/mL after taking D3 sublingual tablets at 6K per day and sun exposure of 10 minutes thrice a week. However, because of his job he could not continue with exposure to sun. He started taking Vtamin D3 of 60K every 5 days. After 3 months his Vitamin D levels fell down to 22.0 ng/dL! Can you suggest possible reasons and measures to take the levels to beyond 60 ng/dL? Please, note that the Vitamin D levels are all Total (D2+D3). I am not able to find a laboratory which tests D3 alone near me. Thanks in advance.

Asked by  bharavi on July 19, 2019

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    See title

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    If he does not take any D2 and he should not, then even if the test measures both and gives one total, that total should only be D3 anyway since no D2 is taken.
    When he takes the 60,000iu did you mean, for example, he takes 60K on a Sunday and then on Thursday or Friday he takes another 60,000IU and continues that pattern.
    Does he have any health issues that would prevent absorption like any kind of gastric issues? (In this case sublingual would work best.) Does he have ANY health issues? Was his gallbladder removed?
    This is the 2nd case recently that has made me wonder if the “test results” are correct. It could also be poor manufacturing and the amount is not what it says it should be.
    Vitamin D needs to be taken with a meal or snack that has “a fat” in it for better absorption. It is also better for you if you take it on a daily basis. Some people have also suggested if there is not enough magnesium in your diet this may also affect absorption but I am “unsure”.
    It is very hard for me to try and explain why his level went down taking the 60,000iu. If you supply other information that then makes sense from other questions I asked above, I will then re-evaluate my following suggestion.
    I would switch him to taking 10,000iu a day. (You may want to make it sublingual even if he does not have gastric issues.) I would wait 8 weeks and then retest him again. Do not wait any longer than 8 weeks. Then come back and let me know what his level is.
    Something is not quite right. Either the Vitamin D is not any good. He has absorption issues. His genetic make-up needs more than normal.

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      Does he take any medications?

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    Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply.
    About Medication first: He does not take any medicine.
    He takes D3 immediately after principal meal. On every 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 30th of a month. He also takes 200mg of Magnesium. Takes B12 in injection form once a month as he is deficient in that too. (I wonder if there is a relationship between the two!) Takes a B complex tablet every day. We suspect he is not able to absorb B12 so a periodical injection. Takes Zinc tablet twice a week.

    He has had gastric trouble from his childhood. Used to burp a lot like my grand father. Endoscopy did not reveal anything. In his college days had IBS. At his 25 years he shifted to a kind of paleo diet. Either due to his diet shift or because of the vitamin regime he is following recently, he has been relieved of gastric problem as well as IBS. No such trouble during the past 2 years.

    He is not having any disease. No Operations, nothing. But he has three conditions. One: Acne. Two: Hipnic Jerks. Three: Hair Loss. His hipnic jerks improved quite a lot after the vitamination. I think D is helping a lot in it.

    I shall advise him to take D as suggested by you. Then after 8 weeks shall have the test done again and come back to you.

    One Question: The first time when the D level was 44, the test was done in the hospital where we gave the sample. After 3 months when we went to the same hospital the result was 22.0 but this time the sample was sent to their parent lab 150 km away because there was a problem in thier hospital. Could that have reslted in the sample deterioration?


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    Well the only thing I can say is when people buy Vitamin D test kits to use at home, the way it is done is putting some of your blood on a special piece of paper and then sending it in for testing. The point is, there is nothing special and it goes thru the mail and it is accurate. So I don’t know if the test was done wrong or not. It is a “mystery”.
    The Vitamin D and the other vitamins and minerals are helping with his conditions not just the diet. (There is a lot of information on low D levels causing IBS.)
    I see quite a few people have low B12 and low Vitamin D together on this blog. Do you know what level his B12 is kept at? In some countries the “low end” is 500-550pg/ml this equals 461pmol/l.
    At his weight and taking 10K per day, in 8 weeks his level should be more like 80ng/ml. Why it “appears” to be low on the 60K is baffling. So if his level does end up being a lot lower than 80ng/ml, then he needs to take more Vitamin D. But let’s see what happens after the 8 weeks.
    If I have not said this, try and not switch brands of D during the 8 weeks so we can eliminate that factor.
    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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