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My recent vitamin d3 lab through Heartland Assays was 68.5 when I tested in March 2015. My recent vitamin d3 lab through the local VA Hospital lab was 108.91 ng/ml today. I am still taking the same amount of vitamin d3 and I just cannot figure out why the big difference in results. The VA lab test used fresh blood drawn for other labs also. I got the results in less than two hours. Maybe someone can make sense of the the two results. Thanks.

Asked by  Thomas on May 14, 2015

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    See title

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    Well Thomas I can only make some guesses and you can keep checking back to see if anyone else has a better answer.
    The Heartland Assays are suppose to be accurate. I cannot vouch for the VA Hospital so maybe it is not accurate.
    I do not know where you live and if your habits have now changed with the advent of Spring. So if you are taking the same amount of Vitamin D and are getting some sun exposure, your levels will probably increase. If this is the case then you could probably cut back on the amount of Vitamin D that you are taking. (You did not say how much you are taking.)
    If or before you cut back, do you feel better at the higher blood level amount or if you have any health issues are they any different/better at the higher level?
    I am just curious!

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