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My blood test says I have 37 percent vitamin d level and I take 5000 units a day; can I take more vitamin d? My blood glucose is is 118 and that is borderline diabetic. I also take lovastatin 40 mg could that increase my diabetes risk?

Asked by  D00912310524000 on March 6, 2015

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    I quick check on the internet does say that statins can raise blood glucose in some people. http://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2011/06/27/do-statins-cause-or-aggravate-type-2-diabetes/. Statins can also raise Vitamin D levels but they are not sure why.

    So to answer your question, yes if 5000 iu does not get you to a minimum of 50ng/ml then take more. The safe upper limit is 10,000 iu. If you are overweight you will need more Vitamin D to get to the same level. You could try 7000 or 8000 iu.

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