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I've not been tested I did have cbc done about 8 week ago nothing but I'm always really fatigue and my bones crack in my wrists a lot it aches if I don't all my body aches and is sore and I get really fatigue just doing simple things.. I've got anxiety and suffered agoraphobia for 2 years now so not been out to get the sun vitamin d.. does this sound like it could be low

Asked by  nattrantum12341211200 on July 8, 2015

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    See title

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    There is very little Vitamin D in food. So if you do not go out in the sun, then yes your levels are probably quite low. Unless you take a multi vitamin you may also be low in other essential vitamins and minerals. Also even if you take a multi vitamin, you are probably very low in magnesium because it is very hard to get enough in your diet. Fatigue is definitely a symptom of a Vitamin D deficiency.

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