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I've been supplementing 5000iu per day over the last 3+ years. I work indoors and go to school so I don't get as much sun as I used to but still try to get a little when I can. A recent blood test showed my vit D, 25-hydroxy at 69.3 ng/ml. My practitioner said that looks great and to keep doing what I'm doing. A recent podcast from a trusted source recommended levels of 50 ng/ml and not to go much above or beyond that level. I know my level isn't that far off but it's the highest it's been in my life. Do I continue doing what I have been or should I cut back on supplementation? Other Factors in line with this topic: I eat a clean paleo diet with plenty of fatty fish, grassfed beef, egg yolks etc. 28 year old fairly active male 150lbs Caucasian, fair skinned I live in KY, United States I also supplement with: Vitamin K2 Cod Liver Oil Magnesium Citrate & Chloride I saw in another thread you recommended against taking CLO and Mag citrate (or any other forms ending in "ate"). To my knowledge nearly all other trusted sources I follow recommended the complete opposite. The reason being is that humans don't convert beta-carotene into the active Vitamin A form very efficiently and the "ate" forms of magnesium are the most bioavailable. Can you please explain your position so I better understand? Finally based upon info from the same sources, I don't supplement any form of calcium but i see you recommend to. Being that I do take mag daily, would it be in my best interest to add a calcium supplement? If so, what form and dosage? Thanks!

Asked by  nkwrig0170182800 on October 12, 2015

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    Most research and information, at the moment, shows anywhere between 40 – 60 ng/ml. I agree with your doctor.
    When “Indigenous populations” were studied, please refer to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22878781, “To begin with, they found vitamin D levels increase, not decrease, with age!” “The 50 year-olds had higher levels than the 20 year olds” “One of the highest levels was a 65 year old whose level was around 70 ng/ml”.”The highest level overall was in a pregnant woman (105 ng/ml),” So not everybody fits in the “not over 50ng/ml.)
    If somewhere you read in another thread that magnesium citrate is “bad” then either me or someone else made a typo. Anything ending in an “ate” is “good”. (If you find the thread again let me know where it is.)
    As for Vitamin A, Dr. Cannell has told us to stay away from preformed Vitamin A (found in CLO and elsewhere) or to go no higher than the RDA. (He is afraid it has the potential to build up in your system and quite possible to harm.) So I do not know where you are getting your information that beta carotene does not convert very well.
    Dr. Cannell feels for the most part that we get enough calcium in out diets and to not supplement too much. I think you should add up what you get in your diet and see if that covers you.
    Hope I answered everything and it sounds like you are doing a really good job!

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