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is there a specific D3 supplement recommended by the council? thanks!

Asked by  TFTRADER10@GMAIL.COM on October 14, 2017


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    We recommend BioTech Pharmacal . As Rebecca Oshiro of the VDC once wrote “the supplement industry has little oversight and it’s anyone’s guess if any given bottle of vitamin D actually contains what the label says”. “For this reason it is important to purchase vitamin D (and any supplement, really) from a company that performs an assay on every batch and makes these results public”. “I highly recommend Biotech brand vitamin D for this reason.”
    “BioTech Pharmacal is in an FDA approved lab, they manufacture high quality Vitamin D capsules at very inexpensive prices and their product is void of dyes, talc, binders, artificial colors and synthetic flavors.” (I use this brand.)

    Answered by  IAW on

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