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is it OK to take a vitamin d pill at the same time as an acid reducer pill such as ranitidine? (I don't take acid blockers, just acid reducers.) or does the acid reducer reduce the absorption of vitamin d? thanks

Asked by  bcalvert25620665100 on January 3, 2017

  •  bcalvert25620665100 on

    See title

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  •  IAW on

    As far as I know, it is OK to take the Vitamin D at the same time.
    Have you ever had your Vitamin D level checked?

    Answered by  IAW on
  •  Rita Celone Umile on

    Ranitidine is the same family of drugs as Cimetidine. Here is how Cimetidine impacts vitamin D3 (and some other nutrients):

    Tagamet (Cimetidine) DEPLETES (or interferes with the absorption or function of) iron, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. A
    multiple vitamin/mineral is suggested to replenish these nutrients. AVOID taking magnesium at the same time,
    which may bind to the medication and reduce its efficacy. Take magnesium at least two hours away from
    Tagamet. Also avoid caffeine—found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, guarana (Paullinia cupana).
    Cimetidine may decrease the clearance of caffeine from the body, causing increased caffeine blood levels and
    unwanted actions.

    Answered by  Rita Celone Umile on

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