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In your article about breast cancer and Vit D you refer to high and low levels. What exactly are these levels ? I've read that 'normal' levels are between 40 -60 . I've read that women post breast cancer should take high doses to have a level over 100. Can you clarify ? Thanks . I'm in Australia.

Asked by  annegrhm84794600 on March 17, 2015

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    First when dealing with Vitamin D measurements it is always best to make sure you understand which measurement is being used nmol/l or ng/ml. So when you are referring to 40 – 60 this measurement is ng/ml. Translated into nmol/l is 100 – 150 nmol/l.

    As for “highs and lows” for instance in this article at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1011134410001065 the statement is made
    “These analyses estimated that the 50% reduction in incidence (breast cancer) occurs for a value of 78 nmol/L (31.2 ng/ml) compared with the value at 24 nmol/L (9.6 ng/ml) for breast cancer”. So a high in this instance is 30 – 32ng/ml and the low is 10ng/ml. Having said this I have read enough to conclude a level of 30ng/ml or below significantly increases your odds at getting any cancer. So there seems to be a “threshold” around that level.

    Now to be healthier and hopefully prevent disease we at the Vitamin D Council recommend a level of 50ng/ml or slightly higher. Why this level? Because that is what the research is telling us. That is where the 40 – 60 ng/ml comes into play that you are reading about.

    So the best advice is to keep your levels at a minimum of 50ng/ml. We do know that the range has an upper level of 100ng/ml and that it is safe to take 10,000 iu of Vitamin D a day. As Dr. Cannell once said we have no idea how much Vitamin D gets “used up” if your body is fighting a disease. I think it will take us a long time to figure that one out. So in a sense that is why you see references on the internet to keep your level at 100ng/ml or over. There are no studies to currently prove or disprove this will have any effect.

    Having said all this, if it was me, I would shoot for the upper level of the range. It is your choice but by all means please do the minimum of 50ng/ml.
    Do you know what your level is?

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      My level, just tested is 79 . That is after a 3 month gap from taking a high dose Vit D3 ( once a month capsule 25,000 units for 6 months) I have restarted that regimen as my GP would like my level to be over 100. Having also read about ‘overdosing’ on Vit D , I’d just like to check up if keeping it over 100 could fall into that category . Thank you so much for your response. Though I see that its safe to take 10,000 iu daily so if my 25,000 units is also ‘iu’ then my monthly dose is fine .

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