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In treating pancreatic cancer, what is the appropriate dosage or level of Vitamin D?

Asked by  floomis on October 14, 2014

  •  floomis on

    See title

    Answered by  floomis on
  •  Rita Celone Umile on

    I think that everyone needs at least a 25(OH)D level similar to that as nature intended. In other words between 40ng/ml and 80 ng/ml. If I had any type of cancer I would find myself a physician knowlegeable in vitamin D to partner up with my oncologist.

    Answered by  Rita Celone Umile on
  •  Jeff Nicklas on

    Pancreatic cancer is one of the least looked at cancers in regards to vitamin D research. Furthermore, researchers are still looking at whether certain conditions respond better to vitamin D at specific and differing levels.

    With breast cancer, an effect is usually only seen above 40 ng/ml and closer to 60 ng/ml. With diabetes, it is suggested that effects for vitamin D are only seen at levels of 32 ng/ml or higher.

    So, with pancreatic cancer there is still a great amount of uncertainty. As with other conditions, vitamin D is not guaranteed to prevent or treat pancreatic cancer and it is not recommended to take vitamin D instead of any prescribed medicines.

    As Rita touched on, work with a doctor if you have pancreatic cancer and wish to begin supplementing with vitamin D.

    Answered by  Jeff Nicklas on

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