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I'm vitamin D deficient with blood levels hovering around 8 ng/ml. I get severe allergic reactions including panic attacks whenever I try to supplement with D3 in any form. Do I have to stay deficient all my life or is there a way to supplement without getting allergic reactions to D3.

Asked by  indiatwe55664600 on July 16, 2015

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    See title

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    The first thing is you need to tell us the”symptoms” of what you think is an allergic reaction! By any form did you also mean “sunshine” gives you this (these) symptoms(s)? The panic attacks may be due to not enough magnesium. Do you supplement magnesium and if so how much and what kind do you take?
    The following statement use to be included on the VDC website.
    “If one experiences any of the following symptoms due to supplementing with Vitamin D – or with sun exposure – a magnesium deficiency is most likely the reason why:”

    • Irritability or anxiety
    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Insomnia
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle cramps/twitching
    • Weakness
    • constipation

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      Thanks for the response. I live in India where we get enough sunshine and I’m not allergic to sunshine at all. Vitamin D rich foods are also well tolerated by me. I do not have any other deficiency as well as per my past test reports. However, I’m allergic to Cholecalciferol in any form and if I take a large dose (60000IU) in one shot, I get all the symptoms you have listed above. I take 375mg of magnesium citrate daily whenever I take a large dose of D3. The problem is, I get all the above symptoms listed by you on the following day of a big dose and after 7/10days of a small dose (200IU) of D3. Please suggest some alternate ways to supplement since my lifestyle does not give me enough opportunity for sun exposure.

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    You made the following statement above “I take 375mg of magnesium citrate daily whenever I take a large dose of D3.” Please clarify. Does this mean you take it daily no matter what or only at certain times? There are estimates that humans really need between 500 to 800 mg of magnesium a day.
    So if you are magnesium deficient and take a “large dose” it uses up all the magnesium you have processing that large amount of Vitamin D. It also seems that when you take the 200iu of Vitamin D that it just takes longer for quite possible a magnesium deficiency to catch up to you.I would suggest working only with smaller amounts of Vitamin D and take a lot of magnesium daily. (I usually spread mine out over 3 meals.) If that produces no symptoms, then increase the Vitamin D slowly each week.
    If non of this works then the only thing left is to get a sunlamp. With a blood level of 8ng/ml I am not sure we can really tell that you may not also have these same reactions if you went out in the sun, at noon, and spent several hours in full sunlight with minimal clothing.

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