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If I take supplements containing vitamin D, should I stop them for some period prior to drawing blood for the Vitamin D Council's test? If so, how long before doing the test should I abstain from my vitamin D supplements? Thank you!

Asked by  salkir7759337600 on January 19, 2017

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    See title

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    No, do not stop the supplements. What I would do for the day you intend on “testing”, I would do the test before taking any Vitamin D that day. That gives you a “picture” of the level before taking any that day.
    Try not to get “too hung up” on “levels”. Meaning we try and tell people to strive for a “healthy level” of 50ng/ml(125nmol/l). Anything over 45ng/ml would be fine and higher then 50ng/ml is fine also.
    There are way too many studies that show with levels below 40ng/ml, your chances for cancer and autoimmune disease rises “dramatically”.
    If you have any health concerns though, you may want to try and maintain a level at 80ng/ml or maybe even higher.

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