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I was tested in October for Low D. My Level was 17 NG/ml. Endo doc prescribed me 4, 50,000 units/D2 taken twice weekly and then on 6,000 units D3 daily. Just got back my blood work after 2 1/2 months and levels were : Calcidiol 40NG/ml Calciferol D2 8NG/ml Cholecalciferol D3 32NG/ml The doc says my levels are fine and stay on a 5,000 unit D3 as a maintenance dose. Can somebody explain the different D levels i received? Also, from what I've been reading here, I'm not so sure any of those levels are at the normal level

Asked by  djbinding on January 9, 2015

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    See title

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    So here we go!
    Calcidiol levels really do not need to be measured. The Cholecalciferol level (which can also be called 25 OHD level) is the most important one to measure!
    We at the Vitamin D Council do not recommend taking any Vitamin D2 only D3. (It did not hurt you but probably did not really help anything.) It was fine to take the large amount (50,000 iu) only it would have been better to take the D3 not D2.
    Having said that your level of 17 ng/ml has increased to 32 ng/ml AND this was due to the 6000 iu of D3 you were taking daily! You are correct in that here at the Vitamin D Council we recommend a level of 50 ng/ml or higher and you are at a level of 32 ng/ml. Now going from 6000 iu down to 5000 iu will make that level even less. So I would take more than 6000 iu. You can go as high as 10,000 iu, this is safe and have blood levels up to 100 ng/ml. Really I would try 8000 iu and retest in a couple of months to see if you are now at 50ng/ml or over.
    Anymore questions, just ask!

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    Thanks for reply. So currently I also take 40 mg Magnesium Citrate, fish oil, 1000 mcg sublingual B12, and 20 mg zinc. I have to admit I’m feeling much better since my initial visit to endo doc. Reasons for the appointment were concerns with Jittery feeling, and anxiety. I had a low testosterone level which was thought to maybe cause these symptoms. Since supplementing, my testosterone level has increased back into normal range. Major relief because I was very reluctant to take replacement testosterone.
    I know magnesium is recommended along with D3, but have heard differing opinions on how much and what type. Also a little concerned about any long term damage from all these supplement on liver/kidney.
    Lots of info I know, but any advice or comments would be much appreciated.
    BTW i just upped my D3 dose to 8000/day working up to 10,000. Does it matter if i dose once a day or should I be dividing up dose twice/daily?

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    First you do not have to answer my question but why did you go to an endo for “jittery feeling and anxiety” and not just a GP? Do you have other health issues? I only ask because if you have other health issues keep in mind as you raise your Vitamin D levels you may need less medications. Again you do not have to answer. Good thing the Endo is “tuned in” to Vitamin D.
    So usually when I answer someone I usually also ask them to please read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It has a lot of good information. The magnesium you are taking is good but you probably need to increase it. Only you know just how good your diet is and if you are getting enough of the vitamins and minerals that Vitamin D needs to work well. I would definitely not worry about the supplements you are taking especially the Vitamin D.
    You do not need to divide your Vitamin D dose up and it is probably best to take with food so it absorbs well.
    If you are going to increase to 10,000 units keep this in mind. How much sunshine you get in the summertime and depending on what latitude you live at you may have to decrease the amount of oral Vitamin D for the summer.
    FYI there have been several studies that link testosterone levels to both Vitamin D levels and also to sunshine. (By sunshine I mean UV rays other than the ones that produce Vitamin D!)
    Glad you are feeling better! It’s the “D”!

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    I went to my GP initially and the blood work showed slightly low testosterone. The Vitamin D wasn’t even tested. Thyroid, Liver, Kidney Blood sugar all came back negative. He mentioned replacement Testosterone so thats why I looked for a specialist. At first I went to a Urologist to discuss mt low T. He wasnt concerned and recommnded an endocrinologist. The referred Endo doc wasnt seeing new patients for 3 months. Didn’t want to wait that long. By chance I found a local Endo doc and was seen in a week. He ran the blood tests for testosterone including Vitamin D. I knew nothing about Vitamin D. After my second visit we discussed results and I was put on the Vitamin D dosing.
    Funny thing is that i work outside in summer in New England. And spend much of my leisure time outdoors as well. So Sunlight wasn’t apparently doing much for me. I’m a fit 46 year old with no other apparent health issues. I’m just happy for now that I made the decision on my own to seek specialized medical advice. Otherwise I believe I would be hooked on unnecessary prescription drug for the rest of my life.

    Glad I found Vitamin D Council as well.

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