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I was tested as Vit D 'insufficent' ( value of 30.1) in late November 2014 & supplemented with 15000 UI per day until early February, when a re-test showed my levels to be 216. My dietician felt that was a very quick rise from very low to very high. Would that mean I should stop taking the supplement altogether ? She suggested a maintenenace dose of 5000UI going forward with a test in 3 months to see if the level has stabilised.

Asked by  mike.scofield74342600 on March 4, 2015

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    See title

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    I will assume that the measurements were in ng/ml. At the Vitamin D Council we say to strive for a minimum of 50ng/ml. So although you were low believe me there are others with much lower levels. Your now 216 ng/ml is way to high but don’t panic. Just stop taking the Vitamin D for awhile. Then restart at a much lower dose of 5000iu and retest again. Your next question will probably be how long to stop the Vitamin D for. I will have to try and look that up and get back to you or maybe someone else will answer. The guess right at the moment is a month.

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