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I was just curious I live in the Midwest (Wisconsin) and I've been on Vitamin D3 since 2010 anywhere from 1000 iu daily in the summer to 10,000 in the winter, I now have my D level up to 60, is that sufficient? And also wondering what is the rate of people in the southern parts of the state (vitamin d3 deficiency) in comparison to the northern and Midwest part of the states thanks

Asked by  clover34845900 on February 17, 2015

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    See title

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    So I do not know the answer to the “rates” of southern to northern Wisconsin.
    You have a great level if it is being measured in ng/ml. (Probably is but in other nations they measure differently.)You asked if this is sufficient? I would then ask do you have any health problems or take medicine for any health condition? For example if you have high blood pressure taking more Vitamin D may help that. If you had an autoimmune disease taking more Vitamin D might help or cure it. So if you are healthy and take no medicines then 60ng/ml is good!

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    P.S. If you measure both 60 in the winter and in the summer then OK!

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