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I was diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency about 7 months ago and tested a 15.2nl/mg. Dr. put me on d3 50000 units 3 x a week. Between the high does and it being summer time I finally got up to a 98.5 and was feeling amazing! Dr. said that was high enough and decreased it to 50000 2 x a month and a regular daily over the counter dose (1600mg a day). Now it is heading back into fall/winter and with the lower dose and wouldn't you know the symptoms are back after only a month. My first question is…I am just confused on how Vit D works? Is it stored in body? Why such a high dose then a lower dose? Won't it just go back to the low level? At the highest dose of 50,000 3 x a week and being outside daily it was a 98.5. Especially heading into winter shouldn't I have been left on the initial dose? I guess I am just so confused on how it works in our bodies and how to find a maintenance dose in the summer months and the winter.

Asked by  tammy.buck31029900 on October 23, 2015

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    So the initial dosage was equal to about taking 21,500iu a day plus some sunshine. The present dose is about equal to taking 5000iu a day. I just want to be absolutely sure that the D he is giving you is D3 and NOT D2?
    Vitamin D does get stored in your body but not for a long as we think it does. At 98.5ng/ml and if you got no more sunshine and no more supplements, every two weeks that number would be cut in half. So it goes pretty quickly.
    This is the first time I have seen a doctor with this kind of schedule. Most of them when they find somebody “low” they prescribe 50,000iu once a week for about 8 weeks and then hopefully go to a maintenance dosage. If not levels plummet again.
    So I am kind-of improvising here. Normally I would say the Vitamin D Council recommends 5000iu per day and a blood level of 50ng/ml to keep you healthy and this is based on an average weight person of 150lbs. So you might need a little more or less. We also know that 10,000iu is safe to take. You already said that your “symptoms” are back. We also recommend taking it on a daily basis it is better for you. (At the most once a week is OK but daily is better.)
    I am not a doctor or scientist. Since you already have symptoms then maybe you should try the 10,000iu and take it daily. See how you feel in let’s say two weeks. This might mean you need the 10,000iu or something between 5000iu and 10,000iu. Or you might need something between 10,000iu and 20,000iu. You felt well at 98ng/ml but maybe you would feel well at 70ng/ml. The only way to know was if someone would test your level now that your symptoms are back. So if you are at 50ng/ml then you are someone that needs to have a higher level to feel well. If you do not get better on the 10,000iu per day, then let me know. Once you feel better than maybe get another level if you can.
    As for next summer, if you can find a happy place over the winter, then I would not cut back the amount you are taking by too much. (At this point you would have to tell me where you live (latitude), at what time of day you are outside, how much time you spend outside per day and how much of your skin is exposed.)
    Let me know if you have any more questions!

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