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I tested 43.8 three months ago while taking 3200 IU per day. I immediately raised my intake to 7600 IU and just tested at 47.1. I thought it would be higher. What is the maximum dose of D3 that people commonly take? I am a 59 year old male that weighs 200 pounds. Thanks

Asked by  mdomagall on November 3, 2017

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    See title

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    Do you have any health issues? If so then I may give you a different answer from the below.
    We normally recommend 5000iu for the average weight of 150lbs. For every 25lbs beyond that add another 1000iu. But we can already tell that is not going to work for you because you doubled your dose and it did not raise it by much. (Do you have ANY type of gastro issues that might cause malabsorption?)
    So without more information I would, with your weight, go to 10,000iu a day and retest in 8 weeks. If that doesn’t get you above 50ng/ml, then you should come back and let me know! (If you have any health issues, then I might recommend even more.)

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      I assumed your levels were measured as ng/ml and not nmol/l. It does make a big difference.

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