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I take several supplements due to health issues (Hypothyroid, iron and vit b anemia, calcium deficancy and now a vit d deficancy); My Dr. just added 1000iu's of D3 but did not inform me of any vitamin interations. I am currently taking levithyroxin 88 mg, taken at 5 am, then at 9 i take the following: a mutlivitamin, 1000mcg's of Iron, a super stress vitamin b, folic acid, then at 7pm or later take a calcuim suppliment vit w vit D and K These are scheduled due to the absorbion issues between Levithyroxin and iron, and iron and calcium. My question is are there any issues with vit d blocking or interacting with any of the other supplements that I take. Thank you in advance for your assistance!!!!!!!!! :)

Asked by  wckdqt14050100 on March 6, 2015

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    No, Vitamin D is Ok to take at any time with anything. Hopefully you will take it with a meal.
    Having said that, if you are deficient the 1000 iu’s is not going to be enough. We here at the VDC promote taking 5000iu’s a day and having a minimum blood level of 50ng/ml to be healthy. (If overweight you may need to take more than the 5000iu.) I also hope that you are taking enough magnesium. It is very important! Please read those requirements at http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.
    As a side note if your doctor only treats your thyroid by TSH levels, you may want to look at the website http://www.tiredthyroid.com. You may be undertreated and/or the Vitamin D deficiency may be causing your other deficiencies.

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