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I take many supplements along with D3. Are there any supplements that bind D3? My first test was 30, then 40, 40 and last 42. I have been taking 10,000 units daily, along with daily 30 minutes of sun exposure. Nutritiously, I am good (I think), usually consume a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil along with the D3, yet don't seem to be able to raise the blood level. If for some reason, I forget to supplement, then I usually double the next days amount.

Asked by  gary on October 14, 2014

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    See title

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    I’m in similar situation. In yearly physical April of last year when I moved back to South Florida from Northern California I was tested 20 by LabCorp. So I took 1500IU/day and in my physical Aug of this year it was still only 36 (again from LabCorp). So for 3 weeks I took 20,000IU/day hoping to bump it up, and took the zrtlab test. Well, it’s just come back at only 39!

    What could be happening to cause this? Is that not long enough? I’ve heard you need at least 8 weeks+ of any regimen to see a measurable result. Where is the truth here? At this point I will try 5000IU/day for 8 weeks and try zrtlab again… Any input appreciated.

    p.s. I’m in great health (195#, 6’2″, 34in waist), with one exception. The last few months my cpap machine broke and I’ve been getting it replaced (insurance, redo sleep study, etc delays). So my sleep has been terrible. Could that be related? Before the cpap broke I was running 7+ miles on Sunday mornings with no shirt (in the sun) since moving back to Florida. I’m “lightly dark” skinned and grew up on an island near the equator till 18 years old. After 8 years in South Florida, I moved to Nor Cal for 24 years, which is when I was diagnosed with apnea after a few years of snoring complaints.

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    To Gary:
    I do not remember the VDC reporting on any supplements that bind D3. If you are Vitamin D deficient in a sense your body may be using it up as fast as you take it. So short of increasing your dosage, you might just have to be patient. More importantly how do you feel and how is your health?
    To: Healthyfied911
    Research is showing that sleep apnea is connected to low Vitamin D levels. Although I am just your average person and not a doctor, I think your body is trying to do a lot of repairs seeing that you have sleep apnea. So in a sense I am also saying that your body is using up the Vitamin D as fast as you take it. If you take enough Vitamin D with it’s cofactors, especially magnesium, you might even eventually stop/cure the sleep apnea issue that you have.

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