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I previously tested through the Vitamin D Council, ZRT did the test and I received D2, D3, and total results. Recently I tested again through Vitamin D Council and the test went to Heartland, and I only received a single result. It didn't indicate how that corresponds to my previous result, but is that single result the total D?

Asked by  sam51978300 on September 9, 2017

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    See title

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    I would have to “assume” without consulting with the test kit person at the VDC, that the way in which Vitamin D knowledge has “progressed” that the “single result” you got is a total of D3 that is in your system. This because we know humans “naturally” make D3 and not D2 so you really only want to take D3 and measure or know what your D3 level is. The only way to actually get any D2 is if you live in the USA and the doctor prescribes the D2 which he should not do anyway or I don’t know if some “fortified” foods use any D2 or whether they all use D3.

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