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I have secondary hyperparathyroidism from malabsorption of fats due to bariatric DS surgery. I have been taking .o25 activated calcitriol 4 a day for about 13 years. What type of test should my doctors order to check on my D3 levels? What ever test they keep using say I am dangerously low and should take an 8 week course of oral D3 at 50,000 units once a week. Can I use both of these supplements at the same time?

Asked by  pathankhallam96354600 on April 17, 2015

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    I am going to pose your question to someone else but it may take a week or more to get an answer. So if you could be patient and keep checking back.
    I am not a doctor but it is my understanding that if you are taking activated calcitriol then you are by passing the Vitamin D step. Vitamin D turns into 1.25 OHD calcitriol. So I do not think you can use both at the same time and I think would want to stick to one or the other. There is a blood test for 1.25OHD and a separate one for Vitamin D called the 25 OHD.
    Having said that we do know that bariatric surgery can cause a Vitamin D deficiency through the malabsorption problem. It could take tremendous amounts of a Vitamin D supplement in order to reach an acceptable level. (At least a lot more than say a normal person would have to take.) There are however Vitamin D oral sprays for the mouth that rely on absorption through the cheek. There is also the option of a sunlamp/tanning bed.
    The test that they are referring to that you are low on is the Vitamin D test, 25OHD. So my next question is what type of doctor has been giving you the activated calcitriol? Is it an Endocrinologist? Is the same doctor checking the Vitamin D level or is it two different doctors? You also need to be extremely careful when dealing with hyperparathyroidism.

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