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I have hypersomnia with suspected narcolepsy along with moderate to severe psoriasis and have noticed significant improvement with increasing Vitamin D levels substantially with the hypersomnia but nothing yet for psoriasis. I noticed there wasn't a health condition section for narcolepsy or sleep disorders? Does the Vitamin D Council have any insight on narcolepsy's relation to Vitamin D and its suspected autoimmune cause? Thank you!

Asked by  Bhollowa on March 14, 2019

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    Whenever you see the word “autoimmune” suspect low Vitamin D is the cause. At Vitamin D levels at and below 40ng/ml, your risk for getting an autoimmune disease OR cancer rises “dramatically”. Some cancers by 60%.
    So in general any autoimmune disease is caused by low Vitamin D.
    In general studies show Vitamin D is good for sleep in general.
    So my questions to you is how much Vitamin D are you taking? Have you taken this amount for a least 8 weeks steady and possible have a Vitamin D level to go with this amount taken? The reason I ask is that you may have to take a lot more than what a normal person takes considering you have health issues. Higher amounts may also be needed for the psoriasis.

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