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i have CAD and had a triple by pass operation i take vitamin D 5,000 iu a day can you please tell me how much vitamin K2 i should take a day ? thank you.

Asked by  lillywhites on October 14, 2014

  •  lillywhites on

    See title

    Answered by  lillywhites on
  •  Jeff Nicklas on

    We don’t have official recommendations on how much vitamin K adults should take. The National Academy of Sciences has good recommendations. For an adult woman, they recommend 90 mcg/day and for an adult man, they recommend 120 mcg/day.

    As we cannot offer medical advice, I cannot tell you take these recommended amounts. Especially since you have a previous medical condition, it would be best to continue to work with your doctor to find a daily amount of vitamin K2 that is safe and effective.

    Answered by  Jeff Nicklas on

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