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I have been dxed with low vitamin d (25 ng/ml) and have just begun taking 5000 iu/day. My calcium levels were normal (9.6), but I have symptoms identical to low calcium – muscle twitches, spasms, (twitches worst in quads and around the mouth), parasthesias (mostly fingers and around mouth), tightness in throat, extreme fatigue, and more. These symptoms are severe and the fatigue is debilitating. I've had some of these symptoms on-off over the past couple years, but brushed them off to my low thryoid. I had recent stress that seemed to push me over an edge and everything intensified and has become steady, which is why doc found the d deficiency. Exertion worsens it all. Is it possible to have calcium dysregulation with low vitamin D that can cause such severe symptoms and shows normal blood calcium levels (and with a vitamin D that doesn't seem all that low)?

Asked by  fuzzy bean on October 24, 2015

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    I think you are assuming your symptoms are calcium related when they could be thyroid related, vitamin d related or even magnesium deficiency related.
    So I would keep up with the Vitamin D and if you do not already supplement with magnesium (NOT magnesium oxide), you should get some. Females may need as much as 500mg a day and males 800mg. The human body uses a lot of magnesium to process things. (Magnesium deficiency does not show up on a regular blood test.)
    I do not know what Vitamin D level your doctor is trying to achieve but we recommend 50ng/ml to keep a human body healthy.
    Very important to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/.

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    Turns out I also have cervical spondylosis myelopathy, just got MRI results. Looking back, this has been in the works for years. As one finds each piece of the puzzle, you think, aha, that’s it, treat, but then suffering continues. Then you find another piece and repeat this process until you’re really wrecked. Maybe we’ve found all the pieces now. Will start cortisone injections along with the vitamin d supplements and hope for better in a few months.

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