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I do not absorb Vitamin D3. My doctor has me take Vitamin D because of this problem. Now I can no longer find Vitamin D anywhere in any store. Why is it no longer available? If anyone knows where I can obtain it, please let me know. Thank you.

Asked by  MelissaJane on January 27, 2018

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    I am not sure what you are referring to exactly, so I will say this.
    Humans make D3 when they go out in the sunshine. The “outdated” way to correct a deficiency was to give D2 which is also known as ergocalciferol”. Scientific studies show that D3 is better for humans to take and they should also take it on a daily basis. So any “D” in a store is going to be D3.
    There could be many reasons why you do not absorb the D3 or “appear” not to absorb it. D3 must be taken with a meal or snack that contains a fat or it will not absorb. If you have “gastro” issues then sometimes that prevents absorption and you might either have to take “large amounts”of D3 to compensate OR people have really good luck with D3 you spray into your mouth. If your gallbladder was removed this can also cause absorption issues. If your doctor does not give you enough, your levels will not increase or increase very little. Another mistake that is made is once you correct a deficiency with enough Vitamin D, you need to take a “maintenance dosage” forever or else your levels will plummet again.
    So as an example had you written in and said my Vitamin D level is 20ng/ml and my doctor prescribed 8000iu a day of D3, for 8 weeks, and when he retested my level it was 25ng/ml, I would then say something is wrong. I would then give you suggestions on how to proceed.
    So if you have any other information that might help me understand, by all means let me know!

    Answered by  IAW on

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