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I am pregnant and had blood work done last week. Today I saw my results and found out my vitamin D levels are extremely low at just 9ng/ml. My midwife suggested I take 10000 IU a day to regulate the deficiency. She said it will regulate in a few months. Does it really take that long?

Asked by  aminah30554732000 on October 26, 2015

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    Well it’s really not an overnight or one week project.
    We here at the Vitamin D Council recommend a blood level of 50ng/ml. At 50ng/ml you start to “store” Vitamin D. This “storing” is there for times when you need more than what you are taking or when there is not enough sunshine to make any. Your level is so low that your body is probably going to use most of it really fast. Therefore it will take awhile until it can build to a higher level. But know that each day you are giving your body something it disparately needs and the baby.
    You have a great midwife! You are lucky she knows about Vitamin D and I highly recommend following her advice.

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