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I am hearing more and more about Vitamin D Binding Proteins. Specifically how proteins bind 100% when produced from the sun, but, do not bind completely when produced from supplements. How does this impact our body and is this the reasons why often there are some studies that show positive results from high levels of 25-OH-D (assuming form the sun), but, not from supplementation? I am trying to understand that dynamic better. Thanks and great job with this site.

Asked by  rhennessey@outlook.com on October 14, 2014

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    See title

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    You ask some really great questions. There isn’t much research that I could find regarding vitamin D deferentially binding to VDBP based on whether it is metabolized from supplements or sunshine.

    Studies that show positive results from sunshine but not supplements may be due to other factors in sunshine. Remember, 25(OH)D levels are often a marker of sun exposure. If a study shows positive health benefits from high 25(OH)D levels produced from sun exposure, it may be that other aspects of sunshine are contributing to those benefits alongside vitamin D.

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