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I am a white female, 33 yrs old, & live in Ohio . I've had general widespread pain that comes and goes, it has never been excruciating and usually just last a few seconds and is gone, for at least the last year. I joined a gym in January of this year, doing Zumba, self defense, yoga & boxing classes. About mid March, I started with leg pain unlike any I've had before. Achy, tingly sensations, it comes and goes but it is a daily occurrence, and then became almost constant. I have PCOS, I was on the pill for 13 years, switched to the mirena only a few weeks before the symptoms started. First question is could the difference in hormones effect Vit. D levels and/or symptoms? When this started In march I went to my family dr who did basic blood work and in less than a week diagnosed fibromyalgia, prescribed cymbalta (which I refused to take). I also have vertigo (this has always been a problem for me), extreme anxiety to the point of panic attacks which started in March with the leg pain and very slight bruise like places on leg. I have been working with a chiropractor as well. But I decided to get a second opinion from another primary. The leg pain has recently changed to needle like pain and almost itchy. The second dr tested for Vit D it was 17.2 ng/mL. She put me on 50,000 IU once a week for 3 months and wants to test blood again at that time. I've read on here that usually Rx Vit D is D2 and D3 is better. Should I be taking OTC D3 as well? but then I worry about too much! How long do symptoms take to subside? And do my symptoms coincide with D deficiency? Bc of course the anxiety isn't going to go away over night either! I have always been very healthy, generally eat pretty good and stay active. I do take a whole food supplement as well that is made with fruits and veggies. The rest of the blood work they did was all good. An x ray of my knee showed nothing and ultra sound of my leg showed no clots, all good news I'm just still worried there could be something else going on. Sorry for the lengthy post. Just want you to know all my factors! Thank you so much!

Asked by  katiev8174487000 on April 18, 2015

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    Don’t be sorry for the lengthy post!
    Could all your issues be because of a Vitamin D deficiency? Probably but only time will tell!
    You are correct that the prescription Vitamin D is probably D2 and you really need to take D3. All you have to do is “substitute” the same amount of D3 for the D2. Now you can buy D3 that has 50,000iu in a capsule and take it once a week or you could get the equivalent and take it daily. This works out to be 7000-8000iu a day. We at the VDC recommend daily if possible. (You will waste your time taking the D2!) We recommend maintaining a blood level of 50ng/ml or slightly higher.
    Next you need to read http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/about-vitamin-d/vitamin-d-and-other-vitamins-and-minerals/. It is very important and pay close attention to the magnesium section! The anxiety may be coming from a magnesium deficiency and will only get worse if you start taking the Vitamin D without supplementing the magnesium. (The anxiety may also be from the deficiency.)
    The vertigo can also be from the Vitamin D deficiency.
    I have not read anything yet that shows an interaction with the hormones you describe. If you were trying to say could the Mirena cause your Vitamin D levels to decrease I would say no. It is all because you live in Ohio and during the winter months you cannot make any Vitamin D. The PCOS could also be from the deficiency.
    Any more questions, just ask. We would also welcome hearing success stories!

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