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I am a member and was telling my friend about this site. She is asking me what title or knowledge do the people have who are answering the questions on this here. I personally have found this site to be very helpful for me. Thank you.

Asked by  Teresa on February 26, 2015

  •  Teresa on

    See title

    Answered by  Teresa on
  •  IAW on

    Well Teresa I am a member of the Vitamin D Council and have been one for quite a while. When I first found Dr. Cannell on the internet I was researching Vitamin D for myself and trying to find information. When I found him I actually went back and read everything that had been written by Dr. Cannell up until that point. It was very fascinating, eye opening and also helped me to understand the predicament we are all now in because of Vitamin D deficiency. I have read every news and blog article since.
    So all I do when I answer questions is call up all the information that is basically on this website already or has been shown/discussed in the past. All of the information does come from previous scientific studies and new studies just being published.
    I do not blame your friend for questioning the system. The Question and Answer part of the website really only started about 4 months ago when there was enough money to add it to the website. I hope it is making a difference in many lives!
    Hope this helps!

    Answered by  IAW on
  •  Rita Celone Umile on

    Dear Teresa (and IAW), I am a member of the Vitamin D Council since April 2012. I discovered this site while trying to find some honest answers on vitamin D. After all, the internet can be full of disreputable information. I choose to continue my participation as a member because I think that Dr. Cannell and his staff do an excellent job presenting accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information on vitamin D, and the members themselves provide interesting anecdotal success stories on their own vitamin D experiences. Are there things about this website I would change? You betcha. For example, I wish Dr. Cannell had all the time in the world to personally respond to each and every question (but alas, he is allowed his life, too, I suppose). I also wish that members would share more of their success stories. We have some very knowledgeable lay folk amongst us–but I won’t go and name any names as it isn’t my point to put anyone on the spot. Here is the bottom line, Teresa: There just aren’t many places in cyberspace or real space where you can get accurate information on vitamin D. We have one here, It is called The Vitamin D Council, and we are lucky to have it. Please remember it only exists because we choose to belong. (BTW–I apologize to IAW for commenting on the excellent answer she has already provided, but I do feel compelled here to stress the importance of our membership here in the VDC)

    Answered by  Rita Celone Umile on

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