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I am a man, 38 years old without any health problems. I have been taking D3 for the last 5 months since my levels were not good (only 15). I took 2000IU for the first two months and 1000IU for the next three. My doctor is against taking K2 with D3 for fear of blood clots. Is there any danger of calcification in arteries or not? My father had a heart attack when he was 55 years old and I had so far 2 kidney's colics. Thanks in advance.

Asked by  ALIMOSALIMOS06001200 on January 25, 2017

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    I really do not understand why your doctor thinks “taking K2 with D3” will cause blood clots?
    One job of Vitamin K is to move calcium to bone instead of soft tissue. So yes if you do not get enough Vitamin K in your diet or by supplement, you can risk arterial calcification.
    Low Vitamin D causes your risk for kidney stones to increase but Vitamin D does NOT cause kidney stones.
    There are plenty of studies that show Vitamin D is good for “heart health”.
    May I recommend that you take a minimum amount of 5000iu of Vitamin D.This amount will hopefully help you reach the “healthy” level of 50ng/ml (125nmol/l) that we promote. If you have the opportunity to take the 5000iu for two months and then retest, you will know if the 5000iu is enough. If not then you should really take more.
    There are too many studies that show levels below 40ng/ml and your risk of cancers and autoimmune conditions, increases dramatically.

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