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How quickly does Vitamin D3 expire? I've seen some suggestions that it expires within 2-3 weeks upon exposure to air. I am taking a liquid (with a dropper) version that is in a sunflower oil base. I keep it refrigerated as per the instructions on the bottle. When does it become ineffective?

Asked by  briandha57671200 on April 11, 2015

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    See title

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    My “capsules” usually have a 2-3 year “expiration” date on them. I also have some Carlson Super Daily D3 (drops) that I purchased towards the beginning of this year that has an expiration date of 6-2018 so that is probably also 3 years from the manufacture date. I would assume if stored properly (caps on and refrigeration if necessary per instructions) that 3 years is the recommendation. I really cannot speak to the 2-3 weeks upon exposure to the air. I have never read anything like that at this website.

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